You will get this opportunity not very often to enjoy the life at Khasab dhow cruise! View the scenic beauty of the Khasab and the cultural heritage of the villages in the heart of the mountains.  Get the best deals from the Dubai. Start your journey today and make it an unforgettable experience of your life!

Musandam khasab dhow cruise

You will get the chance to cherish yourself with the Fjords of Musandam.   The hidden landscape of the Bedouin villages!  The glittering Musandam Fjords will guarantee peace and tranquility. What more you will get? Traditionally decorated dhows in the azure water, dolphin watch, the dramatic mountains, and the white sandy beaches are the reasons to visit Khasab Dhow.

dhow cruise in khasab

What do you need to know?

It’s important to take a complete knowledge of the price and the packages of the trip. Let’s discuss this point in detail:

Khasab dhow cruise price

This is an important element to consider: the price of the tour. The package price will finalize your decision. Try to pick best travel agent at unbeatable rates.  Different travel agents offer different rate and the packages.

What are the packages at Khasab Musandam dhow cruise?

You will get the complete list of packages, so no need to worry about this. You will get the following packages at your visit:          Overnight Stay At Dhow

Dhow at teleghraph

Let’s discuss above the packages in detail:

Overnight Stay at Dhow

The best view you can get in the moonlight at Khasab dhow cruise. Stay calm in the cruise as trained captain will be navigating the cruise. There is no direct road to Telegraph and the Seebi islands. The cruise is the only source for this action packed moment.  What will you get at overnight dhow cruise?

  • Watch group of dolphins on the way
  • View the beautiful fishing villages on dhow
  • View of the Seebi, Qanah, Nadafi

Overnight beach camping

The khasab beach camping overnight is the best thing you can get. This adventure will make your visit even more memorable. You will forget all the stress of your work and nonwork activities at the beach. It is highly recommended to pull you into the Khasab camping ground without any electronic bothering.

Watch Dolphins with your cruise

This is another sight full of adventure. The group of dolphins at the Khasab port will accompany you. You know something more exciting and the adventures in that area: the whales. But, don’t worry they are hard to come by. Our expert travelers can take you to that area where you can see the whales swimming by your dhow.

You can easily spot the dolphins, especially in a good weather.  You can interact with this friendly sea animal even on the sea shore.

Khasab full day dhow cruise VS half day dhow cruise

What to pick from the above options? Well, it all depends upon your budget. Lets us discuss ,what are the features of the full day or the half day trip?

Musandam full day cruise: what you‘ll do

Without any doubt, your life will be cruising on the Khasab dhow cruise. The traditional Omani dhow will give you the pleasure to explore the fjords of Musandam. So, what you can expect on the full day tour.

  • You can do snorkeling and the swimming near the Telegraph island
  • Your travel guide will provide you the lunch on dhow
  • Fishing and Banana boat riding are the optional activities.
  • Dolphin watching along the dhow

Half day dhow cruise

Explore the small fishing villages and the unseen beauty of the Musandam Mountains. It is hard to believe, it is a natural beauty not crafted by the painter. You can do swimming and snorkeling at one stop. Half day dhow cruise is available not only in the morning but also at noon.

No matter, what you pick the experience will be apex!

The Mountain Safari

This is the trip for the adventure lovers, four wheel drives to the Jebel Harim means “Mountains of Women” is the place to be! So, don’t wait and enjoy your wedding anniversary at Khasab dhow Cruise this year!