Top Best Things to do in Khasab Musandam

Vacations are critical in everyone’s life to get a break from their hassle life. Thereby, it’s essential for everyone to spare some time for themselves while deciding to go on vacation priority must be United Arab Emirates (UAE) as there are several things that you will experience on your way to such a splendid scenic sight. You can spend a quiet sunset with your loved ones under the beautiful Middle-Eastern sky by hiring any real service providers. things to do in Khasab:

things to do in khasab
To witness unforgettable panorama landscape view that you will remember for years try to spend a day by doing dhow cruising and an overnight dhow camping and welcome the daylight of a new day the in any beautiful places in the world. Musandam tour package provides all necessities and encourages all the things to do in Khasab Musandam so that visitors so that they will have a delightful experience through the trip.

Last year, in the month of monsoon we set ourselves for the voyage to different cities in UAE which still confer pleasant memory whenever I think of it. While you’re on a trip, there are few things that one shouldn’t ignore at any cost. A trip to Musandam is one the most incredible journey I ever witness as I traveled along with my friends whom I cannot portray into words.

There are certain things to do in Khasab that are included in our package too. Musandam tour package that is highly recommendable to everyone one includes Musandam dhow cruise, mountain safari, and Musandam dhow cruise overnight. We spend almost seven days in Musandam with our tour team that was guiding us during our expedition, and we have a breathtaking experience with their assistance.

• Visit Mountain Safari –Things to do in Khasab Musandam

Things to do in khasab
Things to do in Khasab Musandam also comprised of a visit to Safari. I arrived in Oman in the afternoon and taken on a mountain safari drive to the Jebel Harim (Mountain of ladies). That was my first venture into Oman’s scenic mountains, and I haven’t disenchanted The surroundings were excellent, and I got struck by the astounding geological rock formations. Even greater impressive turned into the cliff dwelling houses crafted from stone and wood that I witnessed clinging to a ledge along the path we took. The mountain street encounters a lovely valley referred to as. As Sayh, and surprising oasis in the hills.

• Dhow Cruise (Most popular things to do in Khasab Musandam)

One of the first things to do in Khasab is Dhow cruising. After arriving at the first fjord, we took a plunge into the deep blue sea and were amazed by way of the sight of a small toddler & one dolphin accompanying our dhow time and again. These dolphins were so playful & endearing that they made all passengers heart melting.

Even when we stopped for a (home cooked) lunch, dolphins have been majestically passing, and when we took our second snorkeling plunge, we were overwhelmed with the sight of the turquoise water, the tranquility of the fjord. The boat and team of Musandam tour package are without a doubt top notch, and we had an excellent day at sea. The meals become tremendous, and there has been a beautiful jumble of human beings belonging to different countries and representing their culture during the whole trip.

The precise cost for money although seems to be the pleasant dhow cruising in Musandam. Welcoming and appropriate care of the staff, execution of fjords, the breeze and hundred cormorants resting alongside the rocks – made our experience complete, so we have been a bit sad to go away and promised to be back.
Oman was this type of lovely area and the day was perfectly organized. We are allowed few things to do in Khasab Musandam that is to swimming and snorkeling, skilled the banana boat and took a small boat to the seashore and went into a beautiful cave.We loved like the guests by the tour planners. Meals and tune become utterly correct and perfect with the environment.


• Overnight Dhow (Best stay overnight Things to do in Khasab)

  • Things to do in Khasab also include overnight dhow camping.
  • The days booked with Musandam tour package includes overnight stay at Dhow and pleasure trip to do a full day Dhow Cruise.
  • It became unbelievable. We gathered at our hotel with the help of tour guides.
  • We arrived at the harbor in Oman and boarded the boat.
  • Within a time of five minutes, we had been given a chilled bottle of mineral water and supplied tea and a chunk of fruit.
  • All the necessary equipment required for the overnight camping such as comfortable sleeping bags, tents, chairs, tables, electricity, snacks, Barbeque, wood for campfire everything was available on time.

Musandam tour package has the best camping under the starry sky on an Island for the whole night provided with delicious food. Play on a beautiful island where every individual can swimming and snorkel in turquoise water to interact with beautiful fishes and sea corals.
This whole journey turned into an excellent experience along with the help our tour guides and one shouldn’t miss these things to do in Khasab Musandam while on your holiday to these attractive places.