Planning your trip to Dubai

Lots of tourist attractions that are very charming, especially in Dubai. Dubai has been famous for its beauty in various corners of the world. Thus, here is our top best place in Dubai is so beautiful and highly recommended to visit:

Palm Island – Travel to Dubai

These sights so special coming together because, in fact, this palm island is an artificial island with a variety of rides of attractions, shopping mall, the famous hotel and several other places that pamper visitors. If you take a picture of the island using a drone from a position of top, it will place the beautiful palm trees from the sea.

Palm Island

In addition because of its beauty, it is the palm island the island with many places of entertainment, theme park, the beautiful beaches, aquariums and also rides a water sport so interesting and fun.

Access to the island is also quite easy to look with a monorail train connected with tram system is on the ground. And if a visit to the island, you will be quite surprised with the prices of various goods are very expensive, so it’s no wonder if the tourists who visited the island this are the majority of people.

Safa Park in Dubai


  • The beautiful garden that includes top best places is Safa Park.
  • The Park is highly recommended for a visit because it is very beautiful and perfect for a relaxing holiday with the family.
  • Safa Park has an area of about 64 hectares with development process twice to add to the playground and indoor sanitation utilities.
  • No need to hesitate to visit this place because Safa Park is open daily from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. with entrance fees are very cheap.

Ski Dubai

Middle Eastern country is that is hot enough, but not impossible if you have ski rides full of snow. In Dubai, there is an indoor ski resort with artificial snow that is very interesting. Surely if entering the area must change clothes with thick and warm clothes.

Planning your trip to Dubai - Travel to Dubai 5

However, it is already provided with ski equipment. Play snow in the middle of the desert has not become the impossible again. The set fee for skiing in this place around AED 250-500 points.

Miracle garden

The beautiful flower garden is certainly very special because it looked very green in the desert climate. The flowers are arranged very beautiful an enchanting rapid, it is said that there are gardens of up to 45 million types of flowers. There is also flower which is styled with an interesting shape.

Miracle PARK

The set fee charged when visiting this place is about 30 AED, however, it was not applied for children under 3 years of age and disability or within the meaning of the word is free. The Park is open from 9 am until 9 pm, and every visitor who came here only 3 hours of for rounds on miracle garden.

The Dubai Fountain

Sights of this fountain so famous and the Dubai fountain is becoming the top best place that must be visited. This place is also known as the dancing fountain in the world with an area of more than 30 h3ktar. The fountain also has a height of up to 500 feet with 5 circles of various sizes and 2 Central showers.

For a schedule of performances, this fountain will certainly be different each day. This fountain will look even more spectacular because it comes with a light attract, the beautiful song also corresponds to the rhythm of the fountains. And to see these performances, there is absolutely no cost at all or it’s free.

Dubai creek

Now there are many tourist attractions of the museum, the Center for the spice trade, textiles and also tours of water abra. Typical of the tour based on the Dubai creek, this is the traditional raft. And set fee when visit this place is very cheap that is just 1 AED only for one way by using rafts. The Dubai creek is highly recommended to visit and become a top best place.

Burj Khalifa

This form of tourist attractions with height and the most interesting part of this place is the place of the highest or top.

Planning your trip to Dubai - Travel to Dubai 6

From this peak can see nearly the entire view of the beautiful city of Dubai. For a set fee for a visit to this place is divided into various types and set fee starts from free up to 500 AED.

Big Red

Big red is a tour of the desert a place so beautiful. True to its name, this dessert is red a bit browned. To reach this location can use a local tour bus. Most activity spots for you here is sand boarding can be done in the dunes.

Dubai marina

These sights are so dense with buildings hotels, apartments, and malls. So in this place found a lot of yachts and complex-complex connected by tram.

DUbai marina

For a different atmosphere, then you can try to sail with dhow cruise and dinner above dhow, sailing trips from Dubai marina.

Khasab (Must visit who travel to Dubai )

The beautiful Ocean scenery can be found in Khasab. An awful lot of tour packages to corporate beauty in Khasab. And one of the most popular is sailing with the Omani traditional dhow.

Travel distance from Dubai heading to Khasab is quite far and can access via landline, even there are tour packages that do the pick-up from Dubai heading to Khasab.

Khasab Musandam

When sailing would be stopped in some places of interest such as the telegraph island, fishing village and see dolphins in the wild. Of course, the Khasab became top best place is highly recommended for a visit

That’s some of the top best-recommended places to visit and very affectionate if passed. Surely every place there is above the respective advantages and budget that varies, so prepare and plan your happy holiday.