Are you in search for a beautiful location in Oman away from the noise of the city life? Khourshem tours present a wide range of amazing travel packages in Khasab. Our creatively designed tours will ensure a serene stay amidst the marvelous surrounding of the sea and rocky mountain. Our Khasab tour packages enable you to enjoy a peaceful vacation with your loved ones. You can enjoy morning and night tours on the beautiful dhow deck in the open air.

We offer full day dhow cruise and half day dhow cruise, overnight dhow cruise, mountain safari to Jebel Harim and Khasab beach camping overnight. The major activities we provide on our tour package are exciting dolphin watching, thrilling snorkeling and swimming, exploring ancient islands, and sightseeing the beauty of Khasab. Our Khasab tour package will ensure a perfect vacation for you.

What do we offer in our Khasab tour packages?

Khasab tour package allows you to enjoy an outdoor sleeping experience on the traditional Omani dhows in overnight cruise tours. Other tours will involve camping and mountain safari. During Khasab beach camping overnight, we enable you to enjoy a serene campfire night. We set up a beautiful camping tent on the amazing Khasab Beach for this tour option.

Our mountain safari takes you to a tranquil exploration towards the magnificent mountains of Jebel Harim. The guests can opt for either full day Khasab dhow package or half day Khasab dhow package. Full day dhow cruise is mostly preferred by many tourists. Since the guests can enjoy all the wonders of Khasab in one full day. We take you to an outstanding journey towards the turquoise water bordered by the limestone cliffs.

During our wide range of tour options, you can get the chance of sightseeing the gorgeous small fishing villages inside Fjords like Nadifi, Qana, Maqlab, Shem, Seebi Island, and pristine Telegraph Island. You can also spot the stunning dolphins on the way. We will make a stopping at Seebi Island and Telegraph Island for swimming and snorkeling.

Admire the cuteness of the little fishes during this activity. In the Seebi Island, you can also try fishing. We make it comfortable for you by providing all the necessary snorkeling equipment to provide a wonderful experience. The tour is designed in such a way that it offers a tranquil vacation with world-class services. Get ready to be captivated by the magical magnificence of Khasab with our Khasab tour package.


What can you expect on our Khasab tour packages?

  • Khourshem tours are the experts in organizing a seamless tour with attractive facilities and impeccable services. Below are the luxuries you can expect on the Khasab tour package.
  • Our boats are lavishly lined with traditional Omani carpets and comfortable cushions to relax and rejuvenate.
  • For the relaxation of our guests, we offer unlimited Omani coffee or tea with beautiful local flavors and aroma. You can relish the hot beverage while enjoying the cool environment of the sea.
  • In the Musandam tour package, we serve lip-smacking food options to treat your hunger pangs. We offer traditional Omani lunch, hot and tasty buffet dinner with BBQ and healthy breakfast choices.
  • Our boat crew will serve you refreshing fruits like bananas, oranges, and apples throughout the trip. We offer unlimited soft drinks and plain water to keep you fresh during the journey.
  • We include basic toilet facility with showers on the boat. We offer clean water for bathing.
  • For a restful sleep, we provide comfy mattresses, pillows, blankets, and bed sheets.
  • During the thrilling snorkeling activity, we provide safety equipment like gear, feet and life jackets and so on. Towels are available on board to dry yourself after the snorkeling and swimming activity.
  • The trip duration of our full day show cruise is 24 hours.
  • Dedicated crew members and experienced guide will always be present at the boat to assist you during the entire trip.
  • Private boats can also be arranged as per the requirement of the guests. Please inform our tour operator regarding your special requests. They will take care of all your requirements.
  • If you feel bored, you can also play card games by informing our staffs. They will set up the tables and chairs and make it more comfortable for you.
  • You can peacefully rest on the boat with an exceptional open-air backdrop.

Why choose us?

Khourshem tours is a reputed travel company serving travelers for many years. With a wide variety of Khasab tour packages, we offer amazing travel experience for both tourists and local people. We have a team of enthusiastic staffs and professional guides to help the guests during the course of the tour. We offer affordable price for our tours even during the peak season. You can easily contact our tour staffs and book within minutes. Book with us and embark on a tremendous trip towards the beautiful land of Khasab.

Important things to note before traveling with us

Please go through the below important points before taking any of our Khasab tour package.

  • We value the privacy of our guests. So, we can make arrangement for private tours as per the guest’s interest.
  • We can provide a private transfer from Dubai for a surcharge.
  • It is required to bring the passport during the trip. There will be checking while crossing the army checkpoint.
  • GCC Nationals can take the tour by bringing a valid passport.
  • We provide snorkeling equipment. But, you must bring your own swimwear for the swimming and snorkeling activity. A comfortable changing room is available on board.
  • Please note that visa charges are not included in the tour package. So, make sure to pay the visa charges at the border directly.
  • It is not required to bring food, drinks and mineral water during the trip. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, cold drinks and plain water during the trip on all our tours.
  • We take you to the beautiful areas of Khasab. So, we advise you to bring a camera to capture the moments.
  • We allow infants during the trip.



  •     TIME

Before you are ready to book any Khasab tour packages with us, you need to know that there will be a lot of traveling required on the way. Normally, traveling from Dubai to Khasab takes around 2.5 to 3.5 hours.


The distance between Dubai and Khasab is around 190 kilometers.


You need to make sure that when you are traveling from Dubai to Khasab, you have all the valid and original data and document that you may need to cross a border. These documents include a valid and original passport, a visa for Khasab, national identification.

Al DARA Border



This is an important factor to think of before you head out with your traveling. You need to make sure everything is done within a set budget, and you are fully prepared for all the future expenses to avoid mishaps and problems. Traveling from Dubai to Khasab requires a visa, which can cost you around 50 AED. The UAE ext. fee is about 30 AED. Moreover, you should keep in mind some extras for snacking’s and other services. You will also need to pay for traveling between Khasab and Dubai that depends on what facility you use. Prices also vary from one Khasab tour package to another. You can easily check and estimate tour package prices from our website’s home page to have a better estimate of your budget.


Traveling from Dubai to Khasab is majorly done by road. The road structure is pretty fair and well structured, and you will find a huge number of other fellow-visitors going by. You can travel either by public bus or even by taxis, depending on your group size and budget as well. Even though the roads are well made, but the geography of the area makes the roads naturally very dangerous and require caution when driving.

It is always preferred to ride on a car or bus with a professional driver. From Dubai, taking the Emirates road, you will be lead to Sharjah, and then finally to RAK. Rak is the point where you need to get all hyped up and ready for the outstanding views awaiting you. From RAK, you will reach to the Oman border where all the visa processing takes place, here you can stop and capture some unforgettable memories and views of the sea.

Khasab is located at the Ras Al Khaimah border, joining UAE and Oman. You reach the Ras Al Khaimah area by a famous road known as the Emirates road. Khasab, being the capital city of Musandam, is known for its highly beautiful and extensively heartwarming fresh water and fertile land.

Filled with extraordinary beauty, Khasab is not a city you can explore and fully cherish in 1 day. Which is why Khourshem tours offers a huge variety of Khasab tour packages that have a duration of more than just one day or a few hours. We have overnight tour packages, 2 day tour packages that you can book to fully enjoy Khasab’s beauty.

  •  Sea View Chalets

Whether you are travelling in a couple, or a whole family, a beautiful place to stay is essential. Understanding your need for comfort and relaxation, Khourshem tour offers outstanding Khasab tour packages, out of which Sea View chalets are our most loved by customers. Located in the Shem Fjord area, the sea view chalets are lavish yet available at reasonable prices. Yu can book these chalets and can enjoy the extraordinary view of the sea and the friendly dolphins in their natural habitat moreover, we also offer extra services at the chalet that include Omani food, drinks, tea, free parking, private beach area.

  • Overnight beach camping

One another very loved and our customer’s favorite Khasab tour packages is the overnight beach camping. It is the perfect opportunity for anyone who loves some outdoor fun that is thrilling and exciting. The overnight beach camping is made fully convenient and comfortable for you. You can contact us, or check out the details from our website

  •  Mountain safari

From Wadi Al Sey to Hajar Mountains, the Khourshem Khasab tour packages take their customers for a joyful 4-wheeled ride on the top of the mountains. Experience Khasab and its beauty in the most extra ordinary way by booking our mountains safari Khasab tour packages.