Oman Dhow cruise Best Way enjoy Khasab Beauty

Imagine a day at the most beautiful environment far away from the life full of troubles and stress. The khourshem tours are giving you the chance to spend the day at the beautiful crystal clear turquoise colored water of the Musandam with the lovely natural scenes of the beautiful huge cliffs in the surrounding.

. Our Oman dhow cruises are fully loaded with all the basic services and facilities to let you relax and enjoy the journey of wonders at the Musandam.


Oman Dhow Cruise packages:

The tourists can pick from full day Oman Dhow cruise trips to the half days. Both of the trips carry equal facilities and care but the timings are bit different. The tourists who got some plans for the nights can pick the half day Oman dhow cruise trips to explore the beauty of Musandam with us. The half days trips can also be booked in two different timings that are in the morning from around 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and in afternoon from around 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

The full day Oman dhow cruise trips are for the people who want to spend the whole day on the deck of our dhow cruises and to explore the Musandam whole day.

Exploring the Beauty of Musandam:

After having the package details let’s check out some highlights of the beautiful Musandam.

  • Musandam is the land which is none less than a heaven on earth. The part of the Omani sultanate is separated by the United Arab Emirates and is located in the north of the Musandam Peninsula. This beautiful land approximately covers the 18,000 km of the area with around 31 thousand of the total population who shares Kumzari, English and Arabic languages. The Khasab is the capital of the Musandam.
  • Musandam is the house of dolphins and the small colorful creatures. There are a lot of chances of dolphin watching during the dhow cruise trips. The Musandam fords with the creamy white cliffs and the bluish greenish waters is another main attraction of the Musandam. Tourists love to relax at the dhow cruises while witnessed the beautiful environment around. This beautiful natural scenery is worth watching in the night time under the starry skies.
  • Musandam is also popular among tourists due to the different snorkeling and swimming points during the trips. The visit to the different small islands adds the attraction in the beauty of Musandam. Tourists can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving, and fishing at these islands. There are different attractions for the kids are also waiting. The kids can interact with the small colorful creatures at the islands which can amaze you with their sparkling appearance. Here you can take part in feeding those small creatures at the islands with your kids.
  • A visit to the small fisherman villages can also make your trips beautiful and unforgettable. The visit to Qana, Maqlab, and Seebi is also included in our dhow cruise packages. Tourists love to explore these villages and the old historical places. Our guide will help you in making you familiar with these historical places.

How can a Musandam trip end without the visit to the Khasab castle? We will also take you to the Khasab castle and old city museum to let you experience the lifestyle and the different habits of the old people of the Musandam. This khasab castle was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century and is still got renovated time to time.

Our mountain Safari also have some interesting visits to the old historical mountains. The visit to the Jabal Hareem Mountain which is also known as the mountain of the women is also priceless. The straight path from the Mountain Jabal Hareem will also lead you to the small villages of Bedouin people. The villages are the Khor Al Najid are the small valleys with beautiful cliffs and the rocky surroundings. Tourists and travelers love to visit those valleys during the Mountain Safari trips. You can also visit and explore the preserved fossils of the animals of the ancient times at the Jabal Hareem Mountain. These fossils include the submarine creatures such as fishes, Mollusks, Clams and also trilobites.

Booking your Musandam trips with Khourshem:

The khourshem tours are one of the most leading tour operators at the moment. We have served millions of tourists from around the world with our world class services. We are offering a great variety of basic facilities along with the luxuries and comforts to make the tourists relax and comfortable just like their home. Oman dhow cruise tours by the khourshem tours are one of the most in-demand trips nowadays and are increasing the attraction of the tourists towards itself.

The company’s motto is to provide the clients with all the luxuries and care at the very cheap rates to make their vacations and the journey to Musandam memorable. Our Musandam dhow cruise packages are very cheaper in rates as compared to the market rates. You can contact us via email or get an instant budget of your trips online at our official website. Our Oman dhow cruise packages are designed for the convenience of our clients we believe to make your vacations and trips amazing according to your time that’s why we are offering our clients with the great range of the Oman Dhow cruise packages.

The testimonials from the different clients at our site can also help in reserving your Musandam trips with us. Let’s make your vacations mesmerizing this year to soothe your soul and body. We understand the demands of our customers and try to pour our all the efforts in your journeys to make you feel fresh.

We are also offering the different other Oman Dhow cruise trips for the tourists. Which include beach camping and overnight stays on the deck of our dhow cruise in the Musandam waters. We are also offering Mountain Safari, fishing, snorkeling and swimming packages for the people who love fishing and snorkeling at the beaches.

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