Oman  National Ferries Company (NFC) has a ferry between Shinas to Khasab by sea. The Khasab Shinas ferry route gives one of the best experiences by a 5-hour voyage by the sea. During the voyage, you will enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains near the Musandam Peninsula, in addition to having a unique experience to navigate through the Strait of Hormuz with its ol tankers traffic.
The Khasab Shinas ferry schedule is currently running twice a week on both sides.

If you are travelling from Muscat to Khasab by car, you can also have this option by booking the Shinas Ferry. The ferry can take a number of cars on the lower deck. A pre-booknig is a must to make sure you can find a place for your car.

For Ferry Bookings, you will need to contact the NFC directly


Khasab NFC (National Ferries Company) is owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman and offers fast ferry benefits between various points along the Omani coast including Khasab, Lima, Shinas, Dibba, and Masirah. The 3,000-kilometer long coastline of the Sultanate of Oman makes the NFC service a need for local people and

KHASAB NFCsightseers by giving a fundamental connection between Muscat to Khasab by sea and make an extraordinary sparing in travel time. NFC has the 2 quickest rapid ferries that are Shinas and Hormuz, both fit for arriving at paces of more than 55 knots, these 65-meter longships can convey up to 208 travelers and 56 vehicles. Onboard you’ll locate a decision of agreeable Economy, Business and VIP class seating has television screens, drinks, and light refreshments. During the crossing be sure to take in the pleasant and glorious coastline from Khasab Shinas ferry.

For Khasab Dhow Cruise Booking:


The Khasab ship offers the opportunity for a quiet break around the shoreline. The port just offers ship courses to different ports around Oman.

Fleets Capacity

Fleet Capacity Brief: capacity
Passengers: 154
Crews: 6 (max)
Vehicles: 38 (car)
Containers: N/A

The sailings are genuinely rare and can vary from season to season, so it is prudent to check for live updates of Shinas-Khasab – Shinas ferry and in the return trip you can also enjoy the adventure, views, and scenery from Khasab to Shinas.

Fleet Speed

Fleet Speed Brief: speed
Service Speed: 15 Knots
Max Speed: 18 Knots



The Shinas Khasab Ferry routes connecct. Musandam with the other part of the Sultanate of Oman. Right now there is only 1 organization operatnig this ferry service – The National Ferries Company.

For Ferry Bookings and Timinings, you will need to contact the NFC directly