10 Reasons to Visit Muscat Should Be On Your Tour Wish List

When hearing the words of the Middle East certainly you would imagine a desert heat that is a bit extreme to travel there. It is true that the Middle East is identical to the desert, but that does not mean there will not find the sights so fresh. Examples of Oman, the State of the Middle East that has many sights so refreshing.

And why I recommend you to visit there? The following are 10 reasons to visit Muscat, Oman:

The first reason that makes you have to go to Muscat, Oman is to visit mosques very exceptional. Oman is a country with a civilization of Islam that has a very beautiful mosque. During the reign of Sultan Quotes of Oman that is 45 years old, he lent a lot of wealth and also a name for many buildings in Muscat.

And the most remarkable building, in my opinion, is the great mosque Sultan Qaboos that from afar appears to be already very shiny started from the tip of the Tower, the dome of the mosque was made of gold with a height of 50 meters to the white marble. If visiting this place, of course, we must pay attention to the clothes that we wear because it is a place of worship, for example for male visitors must wear clothing with long sleeves and long pants and also for women is wearing a long scarf or wear with a cloth to cover the head.

The great mosque of Sultan Qaboos

At the time of construction, the mosque also broke the record for the mosques with handmade carpets in the world. The mosque also has very beautiful architectural details and makes the eye enthralled. So, if you want to go to Muscat, Oman, this mosque could be one of your destinations by of:

  • The remarkable places of worship.
  • Magnificent mosque architecture.
  • See the largest handmade rugs.

Continue the journey after the sultan mosque from Qaboos is to have the sun set and down the coast along the cornice. To come this way i.e. by passing the mosque Al Lawati, and another view of look is traditional dhow of Oman that sway with the rhythm of the winds in the Gulf of Oman. Enjoy the sunset in this cornice is exceptional while waiting for her collection. One of the reasons of 10 reasons to visit Muscat it is:

  • See the sunset and see the sights of the harbor so impressive.

The next reason is to see the very modern buildings. An example is to look at the Al Alam Palace is a Palace of gold and blue that looks so magnificent. Who makes the biggest reason to visit for Muscat is:


  • to other modern buildings
  • I find the royal opera house is built with Italian marble
  • Marble and Burmese teak also Oman.

This is a fitting to test the capabilities of our barter. In the souk of Mutrah enemies is a maze of ceramics, jeweler and sell some here also for souvenirs on the theme of camel, wool, leather or gold jewelry you can get here. And most stores are open is a barter system-stores, so from that bargaining, ability can be tested in this place. And one of the top 10 reasons to visit Muscat is:

  • Test the ability of barter and get nice souvenirs.

Do not forget, I do hiking in the mountains a very enchanting. The atmosphere of the mountain which is very quiet and serene setting can also see beautiful views from a height, which is a view of the Castle and also the port. This will be one of those experiences that will not be easy to forget. And one of the top reasons to visit Muscat is:

  • Nice mountains for hiking and viewing the incredible views from the top of the mountain.
  • Desert tours have become one of the reasons that led me to come hither. The sprawling desert sand with ripples of light makes an excellent spot for those who love the world of photographers.
    Here can also be camping to enjoy the desert night under the light of the Moon and the stars, the night is so beautiful on this tour.

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After discussing the various places now is the time to discuss culinary in the city. Muscat is very famous for its food. And the tourists like me is very satisfied with this Gulf seafood such as prawns, kingfish, lobster and other food that makes this trip paid with scenery is beautiful and also very delicious food. And one of the reasons to visit Muscat is:

Muscat Food

  • A very delicious Sea Food from the best sea materials.

And if we pay a visit to the homes of Oman, at that moment I was greeted with a cardamom-scented coffee that was so tempting. Making a big reason than 10 reasons to visit Muscat is:There are many types of sweet foods that I can enjoy, ranging from caramel; jelly is boiled with sugar and other sweet foods.

See the dolphins

Oman is very famous for its beauty. When I decided to try the Sea tourism that is a full day of sailing with the use of traditional dhows Oman. I feel very lucky because I can see many dolphins that swim freely and so close to the dhow that I climb. 10 reasons to visit Muscat which took me to visit were:

  • See the dolphins swim so close to dhow that waits.

Fishing can also be done on a cruise dhow. I don’t need to worry with equipment fishing rod tool because it is already provided by the ship’s staff. In addition, I get trick fish Barracuda, kingfish and other fish. Excellent fishing spot, ideal for fishing together. Advantages and reasons to visit Muscat fishing are:

Why Muscat, Oman, Should Be On Your Tour Wish List For 2017 3

  • Fishing Tools already provided complete with his.
  • Guided by experts for a given fishing tips and tricks.
  • The right fishing Spot.

And that’s 10 reasons to visit Muscat. And you place this very place I recommend to you a visit your trip.