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Khourshem tours are one of the most leading tour operators in proving Musandam tour packages from Dubai. The khasab Musandam is one of the most loved places by the tourists. The tourists usually love to book Musandam tour packages from Dubai due to the most secure and legal way to reach the Musandam peninsula.


Introduction about Musandam:

Musandam is the part of the Omani sultanate and is located in the north of Musandam peninsula. It is separated by the other Omani governorate due to the United Arab Emirates. The bluish greenish waters of the Musandam are the home of the dolphins and the other little creatures.

The beautiful sights of Musandam fjords are the most beautiful natural scenery that is loved by the tourists and tourists love to explore this heaven on earth again and again. The Musandam covers around 18000 kilometers of the entire land. The people living in the areas near Musandam use to speak Khumzari, Arabic and English as a language.

Musandam tour Packages from Dubai via Khourshem tours:

Musandam can be reached legally via the 4 wheel drive form the United Arab Emirates. This is why the tourists from Dubai usually book the Khasab tour packages to safely reach to the Musandam.

The khourshem tours are offering a great range of Musandam tour packages from Dubai. We deal in half day, full day, beach camping, and overnight stays along with Mountain safari trips.


Our Musandam tours:

It is a difficult ask to enjoy the beautiful trips with all the facilities at the cheap fares but our Musandam tour packages from Dubai are all loaded with all the basic facilities along with the special care and services.

Our neat and clean dhow cruises are fully loaded with the comfortable cushions and special traditionally designed carpets to let you sit and relax on the deck of our dhow cruises to experience the unforgeable memories. We also provide different basic kits including the life-jackets and basic kits for snorkeling at the dhow cruises during our Musandam tour packages from Dubai so that you can enjoy the amazing journey of Musandam.

Other facilities include fresh water for the bath with changing rooms at the deck are also available or your convenience. You can also have unlimited soft drinks along with fresh fruits, special Omani tea and coffee throughout the trips. These special refreshments are unlimited and will be served time to time while you enjoy the beautiful Musandam and the natural scenery around.

We also help you in exploring the Musandam fjords, the small fisherman villages and the Khasab castle during the Khasab trips to let you introduce to the old historical tales of the Musandam and its people.

Our guide can easily introduce you to the areas in two different languages Arabic and English to avoid language gaps. Our well-trained crew members also provide you and your infants with great care. Our experienced crew members know how to handle your kids to let you enjoy in peace.

There are a lot of attractions waiting for you in Musandam including diving, swimming and fishing. There are several points where you can enjoy swimming. We also provide life-jackets and snorkeling kits at the deck to make your swimming and snorkeling safe and fun.


The visit to the historical Telegraph islands:

  • The visit to the historical telegraph islands gives you the chance to experience small colorful creatures under water. Here you can enjoy feeding these creatures along with your kids and experience the magical and sparkling appearance of the small creatures including small fishes.
  • You can also enjoy speedboat and swimming at the telegraph islands with your kids and friends. The Telegraph islands are also known for dolphins watching. You can also experience the nice moves of dolphins here who love to race with the dhow cruises and also love to interact with kids.



Other Khasab Musandam attractions:

The beautiful journey is not yet ended at the telegraph islands. We have other Musandam trips to make our journeys memorable. The mountain Safari trips by our company are also one of the most in-demand trips. In this trip, we will take you to the highest peak of the Al-Hajar-Mountains to let you experience the beauty of Musandam above the sea level.

Different preserved fossils can also be explored at the Al-Hajar Mountains. The special visit to wadi-e-sayhee and the Khor Al Najid are the bonus points of the Mountain Safari trips.

Booking khourshem tours

Booking khourshem tours for all of your Musandam trips from Dubai is the best idea to have an amazing journey at very low rates. We, the khourshem tours are making it possible for you to enjoy the beautiful Musandam trips at very pocket-friendly rates with your friends and family.  No matter how smaller or the bigger your group is we provide the same care and luxuries at the dhow cruises for everyone regardless of ages and sizes. In our Musandam tour packages from Dubai we are offering our clients with the best services.

We also offered the free entry of the infants and the children under 1-4 years on the deck of our dhow cruises to save you from extra charges. Our first class services include special care and attention to every client including kids. You will also be served with the best and traditionally cooked food at the deck. We serve the best lunch, breakfast and special BBQ dinner at the dhow cruises to make your Musandam tour packages from Dubai more amazing.

We believe in making your Musandam memories lasts forever to make you smile whenever you think of them. The aim of the company is to make you feel relax and stress-free during your vacations to freshen you up for the whole year. Our Musandam tour packages from Dubai are full of all the basic needs and the facilities a tourist can even think of.

The passengers are requested to keep their swimming suits with them to enjoy swimming. The passengers should also keep their CNIC with them during the trips to avoid any hazards.

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