Musandam tour packages from Dubai

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Khasab tour package from Dubai:

Khasab tour package from Dubai is one of the most pocket-friendly deals provided by khourshem tours. Our Musandam tour packages from Dubai will leave you amazed and mesmerized. The magical journey to Musandam from Dubai through khourshem tours can one of the best experience of your life. Musandam is one of the most beautiful places you can experience in our Khasab tour package from Dubai.

The beautiful crystal water with creamy light colored cliffs are enough to make you astonished… the Omani traditional food of Musandam can be enough to make your mouth water.

Khourshem tours made it easy to visit Musandam from Dubai with its dhow cruise trips. Our Musandam tour packages are way cheaper than any other companies around the world. You can experience different attractions throughout our Musandam tour packages from Dubai. Let’s take a keen look at our Musandam tour packages from Dubai and its deals.

Dhow cruise:

Enjoy our Musandam tour package from Dubai with our beautifully decorated dhow cruise. This is specially designed with all the Omani traditional colors to make your trip memorable. Our dhow cruise filled with all the luxuries you can imagine.

The beautiful and comfortable cushions and luxury carpets are enough to make you feel at home. You will love to sleep on our dhow cruise while in an open air. The peaceful atmosphere around you will be enough to experience a most beautiful night of your life in between the water and cliffs. You can enjoy our dhow cruise, Musandam tour package from Dubai according to your own timings.

Our dhow cruises run on three different times. One in morning from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. one in the afternoon and another in the night. You can select as per your comfort. Our dhow cruise will facilitate you with all the basic needs such as,

  • Basic toilets.
  • Fresh water for bathing.
  • Fruits
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Omani tea and coffee.
  • Unlimited mineral water and soft drinks and other.

Overnight dhow cruise:

If you are booking a Musandam tour package from Dubai, you can experience our overnight dhow cruise trip for a relaxing and peaceful trip. Our overnight dhow cruise is said to be one of the most exciting services till now.

You can experience calm crystal water with beautiful creamy mountains surrounding. The peaceful atmosphere will be enough to refresh your soul. We provide all the things that will meet your comfort level during our overnight dhow cruise in our Musandam tour package from Dubai. You can easily relax on comfy cushions and traditionally designed carpets on our overnight dhow cruise. You can also sleep on the deck throughout the overnight dhow cruise trip.

Facilities during overnight dhow cruise:

  • We provide BBQ dinner during the trip.
  • You can enjoy unlimited soft drinks and water.
  • Fresh water.
  • Mineral water.
  • Fresh salads and fruits.
  • Basic toilets on a boat.

We can also provide different sports on your demand. Different card games, volleyball, and basketball are the plus point of our overnight dhow cruise in Musandam tour package from Dubai.

Beach camping:

If you love to sit and relax at the beach then you have an opportunity of enjoying beach camping when you book Musandam tour package from Dubai. Musandam tour package from Dubai includes camping on the beach with a lot of exciting attractions.

You can explore the khasab beach and watch dolphins on the beach. You can also experience snorkeling, surfing and swimming while beach camping.

We provide tents and other different luxuries such as tables, chairs and swimming kits for your entertainment. You can also enjoy BBQ dinner with fresh salad, chicken, hummus or beef while beach camping via Musandam tour package from Dubai.

We will also guide you to explore different small fisherman villages named as, Qana, Maqlab, Seebi, Telegraph island. We will also provide wood for the fire to keep you warm during beach camping.

Main attractions during Musandam tour package from Dubai:

Some of the main attractions during Musandam tour package from Dubai are:

  • Dolphin watching.

Beautiful dolphins love to have a race with our dhow cruise. You can have a chance to watch dolphins around the cruise throughout the trip.

  • Snorkeling and swimming:

If you love to explore underwater life then you will love to know that you can experience snorkeling and swimming on Khasab beach.

  • Exploring Telegraph Island:

We will also guide you to explore the Telegraph Island and other small villages to inform you more about Musandam and its traditions.

  • Beautiful Musandam Fjords:

Capture beautiful natural scenery around the turquoise waters of Musandam. The natural view of mountains around the sea water is worth to watch and capture.

  • Where is the beach camping exactly?

Our spot for beach camping is Khasab beach.

  • Will you provide eatables throughout the trip or just once?

We will provide you breakfast, lunch, and dinner with unlimited drinks throughout the trip.

  • Are infants allowed on the trip?

Yes, infants and children are allowed.

  • What are the facilities you will provide during beach camping?

All the basic facilities such as dinner, tea, coffee, water and other facilities will be provided.







There are a lot of reasons you must book with us. We are providing quality services while Musandam tour package from Dubai. Our staff is always ready to make your trips more comfortable and budget friendly.

Some of our deals are free of cost for the infants and children under 4 years. Our neat and clean boats with comfortable luxuries are the biggest reason to book us.