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Musandam, a tourist’s favorite destination is overwhelming the internet and getting famous day by day. Musandam khasab is the place where you can get relaxed with your friends and family far away from the rest of the world and the pollution.

The calm atmosphere of the Khasab Musandam can you a peace of mind and relaxes your soul. Khasab Musandam tour packages are full of advent ours and joy with unlimited attractions for the tourists.

Tourists who love to explore the natural beauty of the calm and peaceful atmosphere in a lovely romantic weather are advised to visit the khasab Musandam once in a life. There are many different tour operators that are offering and dealing in Khasab tour packages from Dubai. We, Khourshem tours are one of them.

Introduction about Musandam:

Musandam is the part of the Omani Sultanate and is located on the Musandam peninsula. The Musandam is separated from the whole Sultanate of Oman by the United Arab Emirates. People living in the areas of Musandam shares different languages and traditions. The most common languages in the Southern part of Musandam are Kumzari, Arabic or English.

With the population of 31,425 the Musandam covers 18,000 Km of the whole area. The legal access to the Musandam is a bit difficult through the flights. Many people prefer fast ferry services from Muscat to Musandam or a 4 wheel drive from Dubai to Musandam.

The four provinces of Musandam includes

  • Khasab,
  • Bukha,
  • Dibba-Al-Baya
  • Madha

Khasab is one of the most visited provinces and loved by the tourists. Khasab is also kn0own as the regional center of the Oman Governorate.


Khourshem tours and Musandam Tour packages:

We, the khourshem tours are world class tour operators according to our happy and satisfied clients. We are dealing with different khasab musandam tour packages at very cheap rates and discounted packages. We understand our customer’s demands and make them feel at their home during our different Musandam tour packages.

Our list of musandam tour packages from sharjah is huge. We deal in a full day, half day, and beach camping and overnight stay as well. Our neat and clean dhow cruises are full of all the basic facilities including the fresh water for bath and mineral water for drinking. We also serve our customers with delicious lunch and BBQ in dinner during the Musandam tour packages. Tourists also love our traditional Omani chai served on the deck of our dhow cruises. Kids also love the fresh fruits and unlimited soft drinks during the Musandam tour packages.


Musandam tour packages and tourist’s attractions:

Musandam is the center of the many attractions for the tourists. Tourists can enjoy the visit to the historical places of Musandam Khasab. Dolphin watching, banana riding, kayaking and speed boat are some of the adventurous rides kids can enjoy.

Seebi and Maqlab:

Another most amazing attraction is the small fisher man village. The Musandam tour packages include a visit to the small islands including Maqlab, Seebi, Qana and the telegraph islands. The islands are very famous points for enjoying the snorkeling, diving, swimming and fishing.

Your kids can also enjoy feeding the small colorful creatures on those islands. The small creatures love the tourist’s interaction and love having the food from the kids. These small colorful creatures including small fishes create happiness and sparkle with their appearance in the waters.


The Musandam Fjords:

The Musandam fjords are also one of the most interesting sights during the Musandam tour packages. You can experience the calm waters and creamy cliffs in the peaceful atmosphere which soothe your eyes and soul.


A Visit to Khasab Castle:

After having so much fun at the khasab beach and the historical islands, our guide will introduce to the old Khasab castle which was built by Portuguese in the 17th century. It got renovated in 1990 and still got some renovations time to time. A lot of historical tales will welcome you here if you are fond of exploring old castles and preservation.


Other attractions:

That’s not enough, the Musandam is full of other attractions as well. You can book our Mountain Safari tour packages to visit Mountains and witness the beauty of Musandam from 2080 meters above the Sea level. You can have a look at from the Jabel-Al-Harim which is also known as the mountain of women. The beauty of these mountains is a must record moment.

The Mountainous area can also lead you to the mountain carved images of humans and different historical animals including Gazelle. The collection of petroglyphs hides all the beauty of Musandam in it.

You can also experience the fossils of old creatures on the Al-Hajar Mountain including the fossils of small fishes, mollusks, clams and many trilobites. A special visit to Khor Al Najid and wadi e Sayhe are the must visit valleys in the Musandam tours.

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The motto of our company is to provide all the facilities to our customers and make their journey beautiful so that you will always book our services whenever you plan to visit Musandam.


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