At the time of the tour, then a different experience will also be obtained simultaneously. Tourism is not just away from home and visit certain places travel alone but has a much broader than that. Culture, language, customs and all matters related to the characteristic of a region is memorable on tour.

Most Popular Musandam tour Packages from Dubai

Musandam is fit to travel, by selecting the Musandam governorate as tourist attractions than tourists will be able to see all the exciting things like sailing excursions, beaches, typical food, and service.

To reach Musandam, then it is not a difficult thing especially if you live in the area the Middle East like Dubai. Many tourist services and tour packages offered to reach Musandam governorate and one of the most sought after is the Musandam tour packages from Dubai.

On a trip to Musandam certainly should try a long ocean cruise Khor Al Shem using Omani traditional dhow, visiting various interesting and historical places. A variety of activities that attract any such as swimming and snorkeling being the attraction for tourists.

Musandam tour packages from Dubai

Other tour packages that can be enjoyed, namely is a package of fishing while sailing. By choosing the package tourists taken to some of the ideal fishing spots like Barracuda. For any fishing tools fishing can bring visitors own or borrow from tour organizers. Your wishes will be fulfilled because the fishing tour will be accompanied and given tips on fishing by staff that has expertise that only fishing. Best fish fishing rod and make it as the finest food.

Attractive travel will also felt by visiting small villages called the fishing village. By selecting the Musandam Tour Packages from Dubai then tourists will feel the sensation of unforgettable excursions.

The following is a package tour of the famous and most tourists and it is this tour package is a package that highly recommended for you to choose:

Dhow cruise full day (One of the famous Musandam Tour Packages from Dubai)

A full day of sailing and exploring beautiful Ocean is the excellence of this package. With it then the tourists will settle for free to the beauty of the sea. Services obtained is in the form of the above specialties dhow, lunch, Telegraph island, to the village of fishers and ending if time tour pass then will see a flock of dolphins.

Dhow cruise half day

This package is similar to the previous Pack; it’s just a matter of time is different tours only; this package has time only until noon and ends at Telegraph island after doing snorkeling or swim. Join in any snorkeling equipment is provided by the tour organizers and tourists only use it alone.

Overnight Dhow Cruise – Stay on Dhow

Others sensation will be felt by travelers when choosing to stay on an overnight dhow cruise. BBQ dinner served and slept among the sea while looking at the beautiful Moon and stars also became an impressive thing when traveling in the waters of Musandam. Equipment warm and comfortable sleep ever provided by the Organizer.

Why Our Insiders Chose This Tour?

And Why Our Insiders Chose This Tour? Sightseeing in Musandam highly recommended because traveling here will give a different sensation and experience when compared to visit other tourist attractions. There is a varied Package when going to visit this place, and the selection of packages can also be adjusted with time to spare that is owned by prospective tourists.

And if talking about the price of any course this tour is very suitable for family traveling together with a loved one or jointly with the nearest person because this tour has a very affordable price with various advantages and its uniqueness.

Services provided on this tour are very satisfactory as is becoming King when traveling. Staff in charge of any staff already trained and professional and very responsive, so it’s a matter of security and convenience when sailing is very assured.

Safety equipment and safety has become a major thing and are equipped with the latest equipment and by the standards so that you don’t have to feel free again to travel to Musandam governorate because this will be a delightful experience. Choose your tour right now and make your vacation become an interesting and exciting vacation.