Khasab Beach Camping


Musandam overnight camping allows you to enjoy the best camping of your life, on the Khasab beach. In our Musandam camping, you can feel the real traditional views of Oman. Our Dhow cruise trip will make you fall in love with the crystal clear waters of Musandam Fjords. The contrast of creamy cliffs around the turquoise water will make you mesmerize during the Musandam overnight camping.  You can also explore some small fisherman villages in the tour.

Our full day cruise details:

Our full day cruise includes a lot of beautiful activities.  Our full day trip starts at 10:00 am to 4:00 pm onwards. You can explore Musandam fjords with beautiful crystal water.  The creamy cliffs around the water will make you love the nature. We will also guide you to the small villages like Nadiefi, Qana, Maqlab, seebi island.

Our Dhow cruise trip will also anchor at the Historical Telegraph Island and Seebi Island. Here you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling with your friends and family.

Facilities and activities:

– Dolphin watching.

– Snorkeling

– Swimming

– Fresh water for bathing.

– Basic toilet facilities.

– Unlimited mineral water.

– Soft drinks.

– Tea and Omani coffee.

– Fresh fruits.

– Exploring the Telegraph Island.

– Life jackets.

– Delicious lunch on the boat.

                       – Basic swimming and snorkeling kits.

Half day cruise deals:

You can book half cruise deals with two different timings. You can choose in morning from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm or 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm in afternoon.

Our top activities in the half day cruise package are:

– Enjoying on the dhow cruise with beautiful surroundings.

– Dolphin watching while on the cruise. The beautiful naughty dolphins love to enjoy racing with your dhow cruise.

– Snorkeling and swimming.

Overnight stay at beaches:

We love to provide best camping services throughout the tour to make it memorable for you. We provide different common facilities such as,

  • Musandam overnight camping includes luxury cushions and carpets for your comfort.
  • We also offer a great quality of Omani lunch with fresh salads while Musandam overnight camping.
  • Unlimited cold drinks, coffee, and fruits such as apple, banana and oranges.
  • Life jackets.
  • Basic equipment for snorkeling and swimming.
  • A complete guide to all places during the trip.
  • BBQ dinner while Musandam Overnight camping.
  • Basic toilet facility is available on the dhow cruise.
  • We also provide wood for Musandam overnight camping to keep you warm and comfortable.

     Activities while camping:

There are different other activities with camping waiting for you. Activities include:

  • Dolphin watching
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Exploring beautiful fjords of Musandam.
  • Enjoying on the Telegraph Island and Seebi Island.

You can enjoy watching dolphins racing with Dhow cruise while on the trip. Beautiful dolphin show will make you smile with its naughty behavior. Keep your camera ready to capture beautiful natural scenes and human-friendly dolphins around your dhow cruise.

You will also love to snorkel and swim at the Khasab beach while enjoying Musandam overnight Camping.  You can play cards and other sports while enjoying warmness from the wood fire around you.

Basic facilities while Musandam Overnight camping:

  • Unlimited soft drinks.
  • Tea and Omani coffee.
  • Buffet BBQ dinner( fish, chicken, bread, hummus, salad)
  • Basic toilet.
  • Camping tents.
  • Sleeping equipment such as blankets, cushions, mattress and pillows, table and chair.
  • Different sports equipment such as football, volleyball or cards will be provided on demand.

F.A.Qs About Beach Camping:

  1. What is the exact area of beach camping in Musandam?

The Exact area of camping is Khasab beach with all the facilities.

  1. What are the facilities provided in Musandam overnight camping?

All the basic facilities such as, toilet, fresh water for bath, wood for camping, tents, and food with drinks will be provided.

  1. At what time to check in for beach camping?

You must check in at 5:30 pm to avail Musandam overnight camping.

  1. What should I bring?

You don’t need to bring any eatables with you. Lunch and dinner with unlimited soft drinks and tea will be provided on the boat.

  1. What are the charges for children under 4 years?

Infants and children under 4 years are free of cost.

  1. When should I inform you about the cancellation of my trip?

You should inform at least 1 day before the trip in case of cancellation.

  1. Can I book the trip online?

Yes, you can book our dhow cruise online through our site.

  1. On which day I should book a trip?

Our khasab dhow package is available every day.

  1. Which currency are you accepting?

We accept Omani riyal and Arab Emirates Dirham.

  1. Can we book Khasab tour for our private tours and party?

Yes, you can book our trip for private tour and party.

What are You Waiting For? Entertain Yourself With A Musandam Dhow Tour!

Why Book With us?

There are a lot of reasons you must book our trip.  The one of the best reason is that you can enjoy this beautiful Musandam overnight camping at very affordable price. We will love to make this trip as wonderful as you want. Our staff will look after your children in a way that you will feel yourself at home.

We also have experience of about 10 years and we love to serve you with all the basic needs you want. Our top class services and travel arrangements are famous worldwide. We also know the value of your vacations that’s why we always make your trips memorable with dhow cruise trip. We never compromise on the quality.

We promise to deliver best services which will satisfy you 100%. Our affordable prices are pocket friendly so that you can enjoy your vacations without getting worried about the money.

Now, what are you waiting for? Book your dhow cruise trip with us for a memorable vacation with your family and friends.

About our boats:

Our boats are neat and clean and our crew is very friendly and polite throughout the trip. You will be guided to all the places such as small villages while on the trip. We believe to serve you as a family. You must book our Musandam camping site once in a life to enjoy an adventurous trip.

Enjoy An Unforgettable Dhow Tour and Explore The Beauty of Musandam!

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