Khasab is a port city which is situated on northern of Oman’s Musandam. Khasab city visit passes through the town of Khasab with its old and new souk and visit to Khasab Fort Known as Khasab Castle one of the top Khasab tourist attractions.

The Portuguese built Khasab fortress toward the start of the seventeenth century is the fascination in the Khasab city. In contrast to numerous fortifications, which were based on high ground for protective purposes.

Khasab Fort has crenelated stone turrets, model wooden ships and a gallery with crafted works and archaeological finds.

Around the finish of khasab’s city trip you will visit the Wadi Qadah and the old town Tawi where you see Traditional stone houses, old stone carvings outlining camels, boats and warriors, are the Khasab tourist attractions over  2000 years of age.


Khasab Mountain Safari to Jebel Harim

Khasab Jebel Al-Harim, of Sayh, is one of the best Khasab tourist attraction. Join off-road mountain safari to Jebel Harim, translated as the “Mountains of Women”.

 It is the most elevated peak of the Musandam Peninsula at 2,087 meters above ocean level, where you will appreciate perspectives on the Hajar Mountains through Khasab Mountain jeep safari. Khasab jeep tour is by 4-wheel drive vehicles (air-conditioned). Driving is partially on Winding Mountains.

Visitors on this experience visit will have the option to appreciate a portion of Oman’s most dazzling landscapes. Board your 4-wheel drive vehicle and prepare for an energizing and amazing tour to Jebel Harim.


Khasab mountain Safari

This trip additionally takes us to Khor Najd, a shocking ocean see point overlooking the Indian Ocean, confronting east.Tourists will see the best Khasab tourist attractions between the trips of Jebel Al-Harim to Khor Najd which includes beautiful perspectives from the highest point of the mountain, once at the summit of Jebel Harim, you will get bird eye view on the Hajar range.

During Khasab to Khor Najd tour, you can also discover rocks up there that are studded with magnificently saved fossils which incorporate antiquated marine animals like fish, clams, and a few trilobites. Khasab tourists’ attractions also include the best view of the al Khasab Mountains when you are on the go.

Khasab Mountain safari is a solely private visit that can be benefited by any group.Do remember the vehicle limit is for five people.

The drive will take you towards the superb ocean see point in the Indian Ocean, Khor Najd and Hajar Mountains along with Khasab tourist attractions.


KHASAB SULTAN QABOOS MOSQUE (Famous Khasab tourist attractions ) :

Sultan Qaboos Mosque is the best and main Khasab tourist attraction. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat is one of the most delightful and extremely present day mosques on the planet.

khasab sultan qaboos mosque

This fantastic famous structure in the Arab world took six years to fabricate. The mosque includes a mix of Islamic, Middle Eastern, and Omani structural styles. This includes;

  • World’s biggest Chandelier
  • World’s largest carpet in prayer hall
  • Beautiful interior design
  • Modern Islamic Architecture
  • Delightful mosaic and ceiling design



The Khasab souq is a decent spot to get hand-made strolling sticks, the more intricate of which are brightened with silver.  There are many choices of various supermarkets full of normal food supplies, water, etc.

LuLu Market is by a wide margin the greatest and offers the greatest assortment, yet little supermarkets have local items and specialty items. Khasab souk is the best example of Khasab tourist attractions


WADI QADA KHASAB ( Historical Khasab tourist attractions ):

Wadi Qada restaurant is a family-owned Persian restaurant in Khasab, it is also the Khasab tourist attractions.

The restaurant is situated on the main street between the harbor and the new souk. Externally it is unremarkable and inside is likewise basic and simple in design. The food is very scrumptious having a new variety of dishes.