The landscape of Khasab, often referred to as “the Norway of Arabia,” is formed by rocky fjords, beautiful bays and strong mountainous hills. The best exploration of the water is an exciting mix of sandy desert, bright, blue and crystal cleared water, the unique geological features and the lovely wild life.

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There is not much to see in the very little harbor, in Khasab, beyond sailing the fjords and taking a 4×4 mountain safari. The city is not very active for travelers, in addition to the castle of Khasab, which was constructed by the Portugal in the 17th century. There are certainly a few tiny gift stores and restaurants in the city middle, and a mosque, but it’s a quiet city without much Crowded.

Khasab harbor for cruise Ship


Khasab Port MARAFI

Khasab Port : MARAFI

The harbor is 5 km from the city center. Free or sometimes paid buses to the city. The environment is fantastic, a fjord as one thinks on the moon, no vegetation at all. However, the town has very little to offer. As everything is extremely safe all over Oman, the individuals are among the nicest they’ll ever encounter. Right next to the khasab cruise port is a beautiful beach, just 5 minutes’ walk. There are dolphins, and they like to play with  human. Don’t forget to view all speedboats packed with Iranian goods bound for Iran at sunset to one of the greater levels of your boat. A real chance of taking a photo.


Khasab port: what’s Nearest port

Some places nearest the Khasab port, like shopping and some food stuff and place to visit Khasab Fort.

Khasab currency

The Khasab currency official is Omani Riyal (OMR), But USD, GBP, EURO and AED happy to accept on Khasab Port and down town shops and restaurant.

Shopping and Food Stuff

The Lulu hypermarket on walking (15 min) distance from Khasab Oman cruise port. There are also some  local food stuff shops and  gift

khasab port

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Khasab Ports Cruise Ship Schedules 2019



Cruise Ship

Cruise Line

Arrive- Depart

Khasab, Oman31-Dec-2018HorizonPullmantur Cruises07:00-15:00
Khasab, Oman5-Jan-2019Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises07:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman7-Jan-2019HorizonPullmantur Cruises07:00-15:00
Khasab, Oman9-Jan-2019MSC LiricaMSC Cruises08:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman9-Jan-2019Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises07:00-17:30
Khasab, Oman10-Jan-2019MSC SplendidaMSC Cruises09:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman14-Jan-2019HorizonPullmantur Cruises07:00-15:00
Khasab, Oman17-Jan-2019MSC SplendidaMSC Cruises09:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman20-Jan-2019BoudiccaFred. Olsenn/a
Khasab, Oman21-Jan-2019HorizonPullmantur Cruises07:00-15:00
Khasab, Oman23-Jan-2019Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises07:00-17:30
Khasab, Oman25-Jan-2019MSC LiricaMSC Cruises09:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman28-Jan-2019HorizonPullmantur Cruises07:00-15:00
Khasab, Oman30-Jan-2019Costa MediterraneaCosta Cruises08:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman31-Jan-2019MSC SplendidaMSC Cruises09:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman3-Feb-2019MSC LiricaMSC Cruises08:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman4-Feb-2019HorizonPullmantur Cruises07:00-15:00
Khasab, Oman5-Feb-2019Black WatchFred. Olsenn/a
Khasab, Oman6-Feb-2019Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises07:00-17:30
Khasab, Oman7-Feb-2019MSC SplendidaMSC Cruises09:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman7-Feb-2019OceanaP&O Cruises
Khasab, Oman11-Feb-2019MSC LiricaMSC Cruises09:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman11-Feb-2019HorizonPullmantur Cruises07:00-15:00
Khasab, Oman17-Feb-2019OceanaP&O Cruises
Khasab, Oman18-Feb-2019HorizonPullmantur Cruises07:00-15:00
Khasab, Oman20-Feb-2019Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises07:00-17:30
Khasab, Oman21-Feb-2019MSC SplendidaMSC Cruises09:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman24-Feb-2019MSC LiricaMSC Cruises10:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman25-Feb-2019HorizonPullmantur Cruises07:00-15:00
Khasab, Oman26-Feb-2019OceanaP&O Cruises
Khasab, Oman27-Feb-2019Costa MediterraneaCosta Cruises08:00-18:00
Khasab, Oman28-Feb-2019MSC SplendidaMSC Cruises09:00-18:00