Khasab is a city in Oman near border of United Arab Emirates. Khasab may be a tiny town compared to near cities of the UAE but here several residents like enormous population of Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis and even tourists like to explore this place.



Khasab fort is in capital of Khasab. It was a sea port. People who love ancient places must visit Khasab fort and Khasab Castle Oman. The city is enclosed by the northern mountains of the Western Hajar vary.


The ocean port is dominated by the dhows that take visitors for a cruise across the natural, dry “fjords”. It is suggested that guests ought to ne’er miss out visiting this nice fort on the visit of Musandam land.

If you want to go to Khasab fort you may get to obtain traveler pass that price five hundred Omani sub-units and might be obtained on arrival from Khasab Castle Oman workplace.


In the history of khasab fort, it was one in all the foremost pleasurable forts. Analyst notice the Khasab fort to be one in all the foremost pleasurable forts to go to within the Asian country.

Khasab Fort


It is an extraordinarily well maintained and hosts several exhibits that illustrate many aspects of previous Khasab and Asian country.

If you want wanting to go to Khasab fort you may get to obtain traveler pass that price five hundred Omani subunits and might be obtained on arrival from Khasab Castle Oman workplace.



Omanis factory-made the current Khasab Castle within the results of the ruins of the previous Castle that was developed by the Portuguese in the eleventh century Hijri (the seventeenth century)

There were several sections of the old Castle are up to now visible through the roundabout tower that stands in the center of the castle.

From that point, the Khasab castle is within the management of Omanis. The castle was 1st redesigned within the year 1990 and subsequently once more created to its gift state in the year 2007.


There is castle with Khasab fort known as Khasab Castle. An ancient times castle were made to get protected.

The current sort of the castle was worked by the Portuguese within the seventeenth century to protect themselves from being attacked by different enemy countries.


The gift castle consists of 4 main strongholds. The center tower of the castle has been restored to form it a depository for displaying several handicrafts and anthropology collections that are the history of Musandam Governorate.

There are precise piece of furniture of the castle and also embodies an exhibition of the normal garments and gildings of the Musandam.


Inside the yard of the castle 3 ancient boats referred to as Battle, Mashuwwah and Zaruqah are displayed for the guests to induce understand the history of Musandam land.

These boats are originated from the village of Kumzar that’s set within the northern a part of the Musandam and conjointly contains an outsized of canons and previous boats that are displayed at the doorway of the khasab fort Oman


One of the elements of the castle conjointly displays the normal culture of Musandam land that includes colorful rugs, crockery, and a few mannequins.

There’s conjointly a show of associate degree apothecary’s search within the castle. Musandam Asian country on the point of the port of Khasab specifically inverse the large and forcing sweetheart supermarket of Khasab Fortress.


An in-depth and entirely separated spherical tower remains the pay attention of the yard.

This is often supposed to relinquish an additional refuge on the off probability that the external dividers are busted. Well, within this tower are helpful and intriguing displays covering completely different elements of Musandam’s earth science, culture, and history.


Bukhāʾ is town in surrounding in Oman. It is near to Khasab Fort. It is also an ancient castle like Khasab castle. Moreover, it was built in 17th century in Peninsula by Shaikh Suleiman Mohammed Malek. People who are fond of history must visit Bukha and Bukha fort.