Khasab offers the absolute starting point to traverse the unknown Musandam Peninsula and its special and unprecedented traditions and culture. Today you can enjoy great locations in and around the city by arriving at Khasab airport and spend as many days as you want to enjoy in the region.

Khasab is a city in the exclave of Oman northwest of Muscat. It is the capital city of the Musandam peninsula on the coast of the Hormuz Strait that lies between Iran, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Khasab was a city secluded from the rest of the region for a long time. It started developing from the United Arab Emirates with respect to infrastructures and a more serious touristic interest driving companies.


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Khasab is fabulous to spend a weekend off from Dubai or to visit on your way to Muscat taking the twice a week ferry-boat along the abandoned and dry rocky coast of Musandam.

Fly from Muscat to Khasab that is Muscat Khasab Flight, Muscat Airport – Sultanate of Oman. Flights from Muscat to Khasab go every day for a 45 min flight, consuming 30 Rials one way by OmanAir.


Airport Code:

Khasab Airport Code (IATA: KHS, ICAO: OOKB) is an airport that serves Khasab, a harbor city in Oman and capital of the Musandam Governorate. The harbor opens up onto the Strait of Hormuz. The airport is located in a valley between two close mountain ridges.


Khasab Airport Arrivals:

Everyday only 1 flight operated by Oman-air. Friday there is no flight. We recommend you check flight schedules and make your bookings before arrivals to khasab. For Flight bookings, please visit Oman Air website.



Airport Taxi:

The orange-and-white taxis in town are usually owned by locals running jobs and are not beneficial to be utilized as transport. If you want to go into town or beyond, ask your hotel or an agency to organize transport for you. The running rate for any trip around town is OMR3 per person.


Airport Approach:

PACA is initiating steps to magnify the air connectivity to Khasab. For this purpose a modern airport will be developed in Musandam along with two airstrips in Madha and Dibba. The consultant will advise the government of the appropriate geographical locations.

He will first evaluate the sites for the development of the airport and then will refer to some potential sites. The expansion of Khasab airport is now restricted because of two mountains with high peak. There is a need to conduct the feasibility study   to clear the part that 

is covered by surrounding mountains so that departures of airport may become easy.

The new airport will be built with the runway track, along with taxiway, terminal and other hanger areas for dealing with C130, Boeing 737 and Airbus 320.

Boeing Info

In the second phase it will be paid emphasis on how to plan it masterly and take the development to the next level.

The opted solution will eventually become the hub of construction of the regional airport. The work is rigorously being carried out by the staff in a vigilant manner. This airport will make approach easy.



Flight to Khasab Airport:

Khasab Airport is the nearest major airport to Khasab that is called as

Khasab Airport (Khasab, Oman).Right now, 2 airlines work out of Khasab Airport. Every week, at least 14 national flights depart from Khasab Airport.


Khasab Airport Chart:


Location of it:

  • City:          Khasab, Oman
  • ICAO:    OOKB
  • IATA:    KHS


Details of it:

  • Type:    Airport (Aerodrome, Airfield)
  • Airport Use:   Public / Military
  • Latitude:    26°10’16″N (26.170986)
  • Longitude:    56°14’26″E (56.240569)
  • Datum:    WGS 1984
  • Elevation:    100 ft (30 m)
  • Variation:    2.20°E (WMM2015v2 magnetic declination)
  • 0.05° annual change
  • Runways:    1
  • Longest:    8202 × 75 ft (2500 × 23 m), paved



  • Time Zone:    UTC+4
  • Local Time:    
  • 05 May 2019 10:02 +04


Khasab Airport Departures:

Every only 1 flight operated by Oman-air, On Thursday and Saturday Twice a day.


Airport Lounge:

Khasab Airport Lounge is a simple lounge that holds small place for waiting for flights. It has no canteen. The lounge is neat and clean and you feel relax while waiting.


Airport Location:

Khasab Airport is an Oman Airport located in Khasab.


Khasab Airport Map:

Khasab airport Map tells the location of flights being flown whether arrived or departed.

Khasab airport Location


Khasab Airport Parking:

It offers car rental facilities. There are some well-known hotels nearby that offer free parking facility.


Airport Phone Number:

00968 9660 8258 is its number.


Airport Schedule:

Its flight goes to Muscat daily.


Airport Car Rental:

Cheap Khasab Airport car rental can take place in three easy steps:

  1. Quote: Mention the request and receive quotes.

Begin your search using the form – opt your pick up location and specify your request: enter pick-up and drop-off dates and opt your preferred car type then click the search button.


  1. Book: Opt the deal you like

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  1. Confirm: Book and receive immediate confirmation

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Khasab International Airport:

This international airport is serving Khasab that is the capital of Musandam Governate of Oman.


Khasab Oman Airport:

Khasab is not of easy access although you still have quite a few opportunities of transportation including daily morning flights from Oman and twice a week ferry-boat from Oman or rent-a-car arriving from the United Arab Emirates.