Oman is emerging as a new global travel destination and Musandam state is surely the most
sparkling gem on its crown. Thanks to its absolutely gorgeous landscape and breath-taking
viewpoints, Musandam is known to the world as the ‘Norway of the Middle East’.

Khasab,the port city on the coast of the Strait of Hormuz, is undoubtedly the best place in the
country to explore those spectacular Arabian fjords along with many impressive historical
places. You can book your Musandam Khasab tour right now to enjoy a rewarding vacation.
Here is a useful guide to plan your vacation in the city of Khasab.

How to reach Khasab?

Khasab is not that easy to access as it offers a limited options of transportation. Khasab Airport is connected with daily morning flights from Muscat which lasts for about 45 minutes.

You can also book a ferry ride to Khasab as semi-weekly ferry from shinas great ways to kick-start your Musandam Khasab tour. Khasab is about 196 kilometres far from Dubai and it will take not
more than 3 hours to reach there by road.

We can assure you of a very scenic journey if you are planning to drive from Dubai to Khasab.

Best time to visit

The best time to schedule your Musandam Khasab tour is between the months of October till April. This is the most pleasant time of the year when air is filled with cool breezes and temperature is pretty ideal for outdoor activities like doing the Musandam Khasab day trip.

1. Explore the Oman Fjords in Musandam Khasab Tours

Musandam Khasab Tour

City of Khasab is guarded by an expansive network of fjords and they are known as the Fjords of Oman. These fjords are surely the primary reason people plan their Musandam Khasab tour and they are the first thing that travellers want to see as soon as they touch the ground of Khasab.

khasab Fjords

The Fjords of Oman is simply captivating. The best way to explore these fjords is to take a boat ride. There are several companies based in the city to arrange a pleasant boat ride for you at reasonable prices.

For best Musandam tours from Dubai, you can also connect with any reputed Dubai-based tour operator to skip the boat booking hassle. Boat rides to Oman Fjords are all run on traditional “Dhows” and they include lunch,
drinks and a complementary snorkelling dive.


2. A visit to Khasab Castle

Khasab Castle is the most important and prominent landmark of this city. When you are enjoying a Musandam Khasab tour, you must pay a visit to this place as this castle is incredibly unusual and interesting because of its architecture. This 17 th Century castle was erected by Portuguese colonisers in an attempt to gain strategic control over the Strait of Hormuz.

Khasab Castle

This castle also houses a museum showcasing local cultures and heritage at their best form and shape. This well-preserved heritage site deserves a day trip and you can enjoy breath-taking views of the city right from the castle.

3. Take part in a Dolphin Tour

Very few people are aware of the fact that apart from its mesmerizing natural gems and heritage sites, Musandam Khasab tour is the best way to get along with various species of Dolphins. If you wish to have a good time with these playful marine creatures during your vacation, don’t forget to take part in a Dolphin Watching Tour.

Traditional Dhow boat will take you along the coast to watch the hoard of dolphins swimming around the boat.
Dolphins are very friendly in nature and therefore you can actually watch them from close proximity to take some great snaps.

4. Get mesmerized by the House of Locks

Jabel Harim is an interesting part of Khasab where travellers love to go. Jabel Harim is the land of local houses built with stones and they feature unique characteristics. Locally it is known as bait al qilf which means ‘the house of locks’. These houses got such interesting title because of their elaborated locking mechanisms.

mountain safari Jabel Harim

Houses of Jabel Harim were traditionally kept under lock and key for months during summer. They are built low to the ground and floors are established about one metre below the doors.

Your Musandam Khasab tour can’t be completed without visiting Jabel Harim. 5. Spent time at Khawr Najd The Musandam Peninsula of Oman is best known for its enchanting landscape and majestic lagoons with crystal clear water.

Nature-lovers and adventure-enthusiasts love to spent loads of times in doing outdoor adventure activities in order to get the best out of the Musandam Khasab tour. Khawr Najd is dotted with beautiful lagoons, stunning mountain
terrains and the sea.

Take a traditional dhow boat ride and relish the beauty of Khawr Najd. 6. Take a deep plunge and dive away. One of the most exciting things to try in Musandam is certainly diving. This outdoor adventure activity gives golden opportunity to explore beneath the ocean of Khasab and the experience itself will leave you spellbound.

Underwater world of Khasab is blessed with stunning coral reefs and beautiful marine creatures including tiger fish, reef sharks, king fish, jack fish and many other small water animals. You don’t need to carry your scuba diving equipment for Musandam Khasab tour as you will be provided with the same by your tour operator on the spot.
These are just few of the things that you should do while enjoying a vacation in Khasab.

If you are looking for exploring more tourist attractions and activities, then you can gather more and more information by visiting travel websites to plan a mind-blowing Musandam Khasab tour.