The Straits of Hormuz between the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman is the most strategically important water ways of the word. Mountain safari in Musandam is an ideal for the beginners and those who want to try something new while enjoying the outdoors.

  • Musandam Mountain Safari: – Although he Khors are the most prominent attraction of the musandam andHighlights Of Mountain Safari In Khasab Musandam 1 the mountainous interior of peninsula runs them a close second. Here the visitors find some of the wildest and most glorious landscapes in Oman, incorporating a sequence of great limestone peaks and massifs known by locals as Peaks of the Mountains. These places are usually explored from Khasab on either a half-day or full-day mountain safari with a local driver aboard a 4WD. Usually half-day safari is taken in Wadi Khasab, Khor an Najd, Khalidiya, A’Saye and Jebel Harim. Full day trips continue beyond Jebel Harim as far as the Rawdah bowl. The full day mountain safari is more worth than the half day because the Rawdah Bowl itself is not especially memorable but the mountain scenery beyond the Jebel Harim and hill top drive above the Wadi Rawdah are also remarkable and significant. The 4 Wheel Drive vehicles drive the visitors towards the Jebel Harim that is the highest mountain in the region. The safari gives an opportunity to the visitors to enjoy the fantastic scenery of Musandam Mountains that are sprinkled with fossils dating back several years. The village of A’Saye that is located at 1100 meters above the sea level looks very cool, calm and quiet Bedouin settlement.


  • Highlights Of Mountain Safari In Khasab Musandam 2Jebel Harim: – Visitors have an opportunity to have a glorious mountain safari by a 4 wheel drive. A 4 wheel drive will take the visitors to the highest peak of Musandam Peninsula that is called Jebel Harim that is 2087 meters above the sea level. Jebel Harim is also known as the mountain of women and visitors have chance of an unforgettable view of Hajar Mountains from here. The most amazing thing that can be viewed by the visitors here is the Radar station for monitoring the shipping below in the Straits of Hormuz and it also has a superb view from the road as well as with the remarkable sights back to khasab.

The package of mountain safari include the;

  • Visit to the Jebel Harim
  • Visit to the Village of Sayh
  • Visit to the Khawr Najid

And the Luxury 4Wheel drives; Soft drinks, tea/coffee, plain water; Special Omani Tea; Comprehensive guide to all places is also offered by the Mountain safari package.