• Banana RidingWhat is banana boat ride?

The banana boat ride is a fun for the people of all ages two and above. In a banana ride a speed boat pulls the banana boat, goes on a jumpy wet ride and then spins until the passengers fall into the sea. Sometimes for thrilling and wet ride on the water it is not possible to beat a Banana Boat Ride. The tourists zoom across the mineral water of Musandam beach and experience the inflatable banana boat ride in Khasab city. It is one of the best activities to cool off after enjoying the sometime on dhow cruise with family and friends. The tourists will see the colorful banana boats sprinkling through the sandy beach and it will be the best experience for the tourists they would ever have.

A banana boat is also known as a water sled an sometimes referred to simply as a banana. A banana boat is an unpowered, inflatable recreational boat meant for towing. Basically this boat was invented in 1980s by Glenn Matthews. There are different models of banana boat that usually accommodate three to ten riders sitting on a larger, main tube and resting their feet on two literally flanking tubes which stabilize the boat. The main tube of the boat is usually yellow and banana-shaped. Most commonly riding in a banana boat is considered to be safer activity than water-skiing or other towed-water sports and it is also similar to tubing.

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  • Dolphin along the way: –

In the banana ride the tourists step on right from beach and get ready for an unforgettable banana boat ride. They experience the view of calm clean water under them when flowing with banana. Tourists will might even able to see the friendly dolphins along the way. The banana boat ride are secure and crewed by the most experienced and professional staff to give a pleasant boat riding to the tourists.

  • What we provide?

Life jackets that are very comfortably fit on kids as young as four years and larger adults are provided to the tourists. Banana boat riding is the best time to enjoy with families, friends, kids, spring breaks and those who love to have fun.

Everyday many local and foreign tourists try banana boat ride activities. The giant banana-shaped boat is commonly boarded by the four passengers and one professional guide. Banana boat ride uses equipments of the international standards such as life jackets, speedboat and banana boat itself. The professional guides who accompany the tourists during banana ride are well trained and experienced. Each ride almost lasts for approximately 15 minutes and can hold up to eight riders per trip. Tired and bored mind become fresh after trying the activity. After touring for the 15 minutes the guide will lead to the tourists back to the beach.