Enjoying The Fishing Trip In Khasab Musandam

Khasab is the capital of Musandam. The gulf of Oman and the straits of Hormuz are overlooked by the calm fishing village and oasis. The visitors enjoy the highest peak of Musandam and the dramatic scenery of Musandam Mountains. They enjoy the traditional lifestyle of the fishermen and Bedouin. Visitors have chance to enjoy the fishing off the coast of Musandam in Northern Oman. Visitors come and fish in the waters of Musandam. Basically fishing trips are one passion that is never out of style. Fishing is not only about just catching the fish but it became a chance for socializing and thinking things over. There are many tours organizations that do offer Sport fishing trip in Musandam. The speed boat takes the visitors to the main fishing area where they can fish and enjoy the day. Fishing lines are also provided during the trip.

Traditional Fishing Vessels: – A traditional fishing boat with a long history nowadays many dhows are used to give tourists and travelers guided tours of the fjords, pointing out beaches, great snorkeling spots and much more. Because the dhows are not powered so the visitors will also see a lot of the plentiful wildlife that live in the waterways of the Musandam peninsula in which dolphins are also included who often follow the dhows around looking for handouts from the passengers.

Khasab Dolphin WatchingFishing trips are offered to everyone who has a dream of fishing for amazing fishing experience. Visitors have chance to face the fishing challenge with a reasonable cost and fishing spot in Khasab Musandam. There are perfect arrangements for the visitors including the speed boats, Omani dhow, modem fishing equipments, fishing spot, refreshment during fishing and also a guide of fishing if visitors have need to know about the fishing. Basically fishing trip is an exciting activity for most of the people that is perfectly suitable for the families, friends, colleagues and everyone who is looking for a marvelous trip. There are speed boats to take the visitors into the deep sea fishing places and a decorated Omani dhow is also there for the visitors if they want to sit and relax while enjoying the fishing. Basically in the fishing trip following things are offered;

  • Speed boat fishing in deep-sea
  • Dhow fishing to relax on cushions
  • Visit along all the beautiful Fjords
  • Fishing villages of Khasab, Musandam