Dolphin watching is a wonderful and debatable sight, but if you follow Dolphin Watch Guidelines you can enjoy more. The sea looks like apart and vast creature, as well as the size of a Double-Decker bus throws itself out of the water. For the few seconds, you feel that as it is moving through the air and then it crashes down towards the ocean and speedily disappear back into the depths.

Seeing a cloud of bubbles, watching a gigantic shape that come to the surface of the water, witnessing a huge tail that is flipping out of the sea and then shrinking is really a wonderful and impressive scene. Whales and dolphins are the amazing mammals that are particularly adapted for the aquatic life.

Basically, they breathe near the surface of the water through their blowholes that are at the tops of their heads. There are certain guidelines and tips to watch out the whales and dolphins which should be followed by the visitors in Khasab Musandam.

Dolphin Watch Guidelines:

Choose Your Site: There are a lot of whale and dolphin watching locations with car parks, disabled access and even cafes. There are also some off the beaten track that is only accessible on foot. So first of all you have select the site that where you would like to go.

Check The Weather: The best day for watching, dolphin is a bright but cloudy day; high winds, heavy rain, mist, fog and bright sunshine make it hard to see what is on the surface of the water.

Make A Day Of It: Whales and dolphins are wild and free so do not always show up when we want to see them. The combine is watching with another activity or choose a site where you can watch dolphins or other wildlife whilst you wait.

Dolphin watch in khasab musandam

Allow A Plenty Of Time: Expect to spend time waiting for them to show up, so dress warm in case the weather changes.

Remember Your Field Glasses: At some locations, it is possible to see the animals without field glasses, but a good pair of 7×50 glasses will vastly increase your chances of a good sighting.

Find A Soft Spot And Keep Watching For Telltale Signs: – The following signs often mean that there are whales or dolphins in the area:

  • Feeding birds circling above a particular spot
  • Areas of still water or footprint
  • Breaking waves moving in the wrong direction, big splashes and bursts of spray.

Report Disturbance: If you see someone intentionally causing disturbance, video or photograph it, note down any details of the incident and report it to your local Wildlife Crime Police department.